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Simply Stamptastic

(859) 260-1909

        You've just got to come by to see all the great new stuff we've gotten in!  We thought we had lots of space in this new store, but we're already looking for spots to place new merchandise.  I can give you the short list here, but there are new things coming in daily.... yes, I talked to the UPS man to make sure he'd be able to keep up with us!

Wonderful, you've got to see it to believe it, papers.... the wall is full, and they are gorgeous!

All the Colorbox tools and inks!

Great selection of Ancient Page pads!

Lots of Petal Points!

The most beautiful new line of Powder Keg embossing powders we've seen!

Lots of stamps from NEW companies both cute and artsy!

New papers!!!  Vellums, glossies and volcano paper.... they're awesome!!

More great things arriving daily!