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Simply Stamptastic

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Many thanks to our friends for providing these wonderful cards!

estelle 2.jpg (77410 bytes) faith ship.jpg (94423 bytes) mary brinkman bunny.jpg (38980 bytes)
Estelle Everton Faith Shine Mary Brinkman
mary brinkman robins.jpg (58629 bytes) mary brinkman lighthouse.jpg (42222 bytes) betty storat 5.jpg (60497 bytes)
Mary Brinkman Mary Brinkman Betty Storat
as inspired by
Debbie Singleton
Betty Storat 1.jpg (81594 bytes) estelle 1.jpg (78127 bytes) betty storat 3.jpg (83773 bytes)
Betty Storat Estelle Everton Betty Storat
betty storat 4.jpg (82490 bytes) cali_fleming_sized.jpg (56725 bytes) betty storat 2.jpg (127400 bytes)
Betty Storat

Cali Fleming

Betty Storat