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Simply Stamptastic

(859) 260-1909


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Stampler 3 Mary Brinkman.jpg (90025 bytes) Stampler 4 Regina Johnson.jpg (91812 bytes) Stampler 10 Debbie Singleton.jpg (110436 bytes)
Mary Brinkman
The Winner!!!
Regina Johnson
Honorable Mention!
Debbie Singleton
Stampler 1 Estelle Everton.jpg (74552 bytes) Stampler 5 Betty Storat.jpg (72094 bytes) Stampler 7 Sue Mancini.jpg (67274 bytes)
Estelle Everton Betty Storat Sue Mancini
Stampler 2 Debbie Singleton.jpg (130523 bytes) Stampler 6 Estelle Everton.jpg (76591 bytes) Stampler 8 Betty Storat.jpg (83340 bytes)
Debbie Singleton Estelle Everton Betty Storat
Stampler 9 Alice Fish.jpg (92613 bytes)
Alice Fish