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Simply Stamptastic
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The cherry blossoms came out this week, so SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!  To coincide with this renewal, we're bringing in lots of great, new stamps and accessories to get you ready for the season.  Come in soon and see the selection, because it doesn't last long.  It flows out of here like the April showers!

New, new, new.....
Suze Weinberg's Pure Glitz sets!!!  You know how we love glitter!!  These are fantastic colors and full of glitz!
Really awesome fibers and cords for collaging and embellishing!!  These are gorgeous!
Mail tags!  Ready to decorate and embellish!
New Asian images.... though they're flying out of here as fast as they arrive.
Beveled glass for those wonderful pins!
Lots of cute Easter and baskets from several companies!

Stamp of the Month

Don't you love this Stamp of the Month?!  This stamp is a cube from one of our favorite companies - ZIM PRINTS!  Raspberries or Blackberries (which ever you like at the moment), blueberries, cherries and strawberries adorn this great cube.  Doesn't it just shout IT'S SPRING!!!  Besides making fruit salad with this stamp, you can do tones with it.  Use one or all of the fruits.  Stamp them in a line, a box, overlap with masking.  The possibilities are endless!  They look great watercolored, markered or just stamped on colored paper!

Regular price $10.25
Your SOTM price $6.25 !!!

Quantity limited.  Available April 1.

Stampers' Challenge

Check out the great tags we received from last month's Stampers' Challenge!  They are awesome!!!

This month our stamping challenge will have everyone scurrying to their stamp area and creating great stampler cards!  Stampler cards are those great cards you have been seeing scattered throughout our store using Alias Smith and Rowe's stampler and tons of different little stamps.  This is a very versatile stamp--rising to any occasion.  Let your imagination run wild and create a great stampler!

They are due April 22.  Prizes include a $25 gift certificate and more.  Also a prize to the stamper that brings their entry in first!

sampler_1.jpg (57369 bytes)    sampler_2.jpg (71144 bytes)    sampler_3.jpg (61162 bytes)    sampler_4.jpg (75538 bytes)    sampler_5.jpg (58685 bytes)

More Great News!!!

Our company of the month for April is Clear Snap.  Clear snap is the company where Colorbox, Vivid and those great Rollagraph wheels live!  Stock up on all those colors of ink you have been dying for as well as their Rollagraph wheels!

Our other company is Acey Deucy!  Many of you know these wonderful artistic stamps.  Don't miss this great opportunity to order your favorites!  

Catalogs will be available beginning April 3rd!

Operation Relocation!!!

Yes, yes, yes!!!  We are so thrilled to announce that we will be moving in MAY!  We will be more than doubling the size of our store!  What this means for you is....  more great stuff, lots more shopping space and a great classroom!  We will be able to walk around the table and between shelves!!  I can't wait!

I really appreciate each of you that have shopped and taken classes in our humble little space!  It is because of your interest and support that we are able to grow!

Our new address will be 424 Southland Drive.... not far from our current address.  We will keep you up-to-date as operation relocation nears!